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How To Be Interviewed - Media Coaching For Performers

If you are an actor, writer, musician or performer who achieves any degree of success then being interviewed is going to become part of your working life. It’s an experience you can use to your advantage as an opportunity to advance your career, just as countless performers who interview well have done. If you are able to successfully engage an audience with your stage or screen performance, you can also engage them while being yourself too - for an interview is just another kind of performance, but one with a different set of rules. I’m Sandro Monetti and over the next few minutes, I’ll enjoy sharing with you the guidelines to being a great interview subject. And, I should know, I have interviewed all the biggest stars in the world for many of the biggest media outlets in the world.

Emotional Healing for Actors Series (plus bonus segment)

Downloadable Emotional Healing for Actors Segments Plus Bonus Segment: Tapping to Clear Fear of Moving to the Next Level of Your Career. Download the entire series today. By purchasing the entire series you save $65 PLUS you receive a bonus segment.

  • Tapping to Overcome Audition Anxiety
  • Tapping to Overcome Self-Sabotage
  • Tapping to Clear the Fear of Success
  • Tapping for Confidence
  • Tapping to Improve Your Memory
  • Tapping for Staying Focused
  • Tapping to Release Jealousy
  • Tapping to Clear Attachment to Outcomes

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